Starwood CEO Touts Resiliency of Extended Stay Hotels During Pandemic

InTown Suites  / Wikimedia

Starwood Property Trust continues to see notably above-average performance in its extended stay hotel sector investments, like InTown Suites (pictured). InTown Suites / Wikimedia

Skift Take: Extended stay hotels may be strong performers for Starwood Property Trust and Barry Sternlicht, but it may be years before the investment firm looks to deploy capital further into other hospitality sectors.

— Cameron Sperance

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Virgin Atlantic Files Chapter 15 Petition in U.S. to Assist Its Rescue in the UK

Phil Noble  / Reuters

Virgin Atlantic and TUI Airways aircraft are seen at Manchester Airport, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, Manchester, Britain, June 8, 2020. Phil Noble / Reuters

Skift Take: The real restructuring happened three weeks ago, as Airline Weekly’s analysts have noted. This move is just to facilitate that.

— Sean O’Neill

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Hyatt CEO Says China Offers Proof Hotels Don’t Need a Vaccine to Recover From Coronavirus

Solomon203  / Wikimedia

Hyatt leaders Tuesday touted significant recovery in their Greater China portfolio (pictured: the Grand Hyatt Taipei) despite a major second quarter loss. Solomon203 / Wikimedia

Skift Take: Hyatt leaders promote ongoing strength in China’s hotel recovery, but the company can’t lose sight that its exposure in the country — despite the momentum — is smaller compared to the U.S., which continues to struggle.

— Cameron Sperance

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Tourism and Aviation Among the Sectors Giving Insurers the Most Concern in the Pandemic

Pavlo Vakhrushev  / Adobe

Empty plane interior with few people and stewardess during coronavirus pandemia. Underwriters said aviation is one of the most concerning areas in current portfolios. Pavlo Vakhrushev / Adobe

Skift Take: Aviation and tourism are two of the leading areas of concerns for insurers, according to a recent survey. It’s the latest bit of troubling news for the travel industry.

— Korey Matthews

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How I Find Coworking Spaces Around the World

Find Coworking Spaces


Every week I work. It’s not just travel. Without work, there would be no travel.

If I need to work 40 hours per week, or more, so be it. The reward is being able to spend my free time on all kinds of adventures around the world that I never dreamed I would be able to experience.

As my life takes me from place to place though, getting into a good work routine is still a challenge I deal with constantly. Staying motivated amidst the allure of sleepy mornings, fun activities, hanging out with new people and just walking around a new destination is not easy. Then comes the challenge of where to work. I need to find coworking spaces and good cafes everywhere I go so that I have a place to actually sit down and get things done.

What do I do for work?

Some days my work involves answering hundreds of emails that come through the blog or social media, other days it involves the organization of my Wandering Earl Tours, the small group trips I run each year to a wide variety of countries around the world. And then there are the blog posts to write, social media posts to share, consulting sessions and my weekly newsletter to create. Putting together that newsletter alone requires a significant amount of time each week.

What’s my work routine?

On any given day, I generally have three options as to where I can work.

I can work from ‘home’ (wherever I happen to be staying), at a cafe or at a coworking space.

Working at home allows me to dive straight into the work I need to do. I usually work from home whenever I have something very important that needs to get done right away.

Working from a cafe is for when I crave a different atmosphere, depending on my mood, to help keep me inspired. I usually do this when I only need a couple of hours to answer emails or if I have a task to complete that isn’t as urgent as others.

Working at a coworking space is perfect for when I really need to focus for an extended time. I can set up at a desk, put my headphones on and let the energy of dozens of other people working online keep me concentrated. Coworking spaces are usually designed to provide an optimal setting for work and I always look for one that has a lot of natural light, comfortable chairs and if possible, eye-pleasing views out the windows. If I can tick all three, I’ll have no problem staying for 6-8 hours and making some serious progress on whatever work I need to do.

How I find coworking spaces with

It seems that every town and city around the world has a bunch of coworking spaces to choose from these days, with many new ones popping up all the time.

When I arrive to a new destination, I do some research on They list every coworking space in over 1200 destinations, along with ratings, reviews, amenities and available pricing plans, all displayed in a clean design.

This way I can easily find coworking spaces by browsing what’s available, reading the descriptions, looking at the photos and narrowing it down to a few options that seem to fit my style and budget. If there’s a space I know I want to book, I can often book it directly through the website in less than a minute. It’s a straightforward, comprehensive resource that’s ideal for digital nomads who travel the world and need to quickly find suitable places to work.

Coworking Spaces Around the World


The only downside is that you don’t get to see information for a coworking space until that space actually registers with the website. So there might be 20 places listed in one city, but if only 8 or 9 are registered, you can only read more details about those few. But it’s growing fast and more spaces are registering and more details are added all the time.

When I lived in Valencia, Spain, I checked and found over 40 coworking spaces, several of which met my personal criteria. Within 10 minutes I had a list of the 3 places I thought were best for me and I didn’t need to do any other research.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend hours online trying to search for and compare my options. Having the one website where I can do it all makes a huge difference. It’s even better that they cover almost every destination in the world.

Again, I don’t mind working at all. We all need to work. And with endless cafes and cool coworking spaces to choose from, it’s becoming easier to be super productive and efficient. The result is more free time to explore new countries and create long-lasting travel memories, something that seems like a sweet deal to me.

Where do you prefer to work while traveling? Any favorite coworking spaces?


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Best Western CEO Says U.S. Hotels Need 6-Month Lifeline From D.C. to Survive, Not Just to Recover

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

The next six to nine months are a crucial survival breaking point for the U.S. hotel industry, Best Western CEO David Kong said in an interview with Skift. Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Skift Take: Best Western CEO David Kong wants hotel-specific economic relief from Washington like anyone else in the industry, but he’s among the few publicly to recognize what is realistic and needs to happen to survive into 2021.

— Cameron Sperance

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