UK Finance Minister Presses for Travel Rules Easing

Giuseppe Milo  / Flickr Commons

The gains of the UK’s successful vaccination program could be wasted if the country does not relax its strict restrictions, tourism and airline groups say. Giuseppe Milo / Flickr Commons

Skift Take: Britain’s airlines and tourism sector are increasingly concerned that the country will suffer grave economic damage if it does not relax its strict travel restrictions and runs the risk of squandering the benefits of the country’s successful vaccination program.

— Madhu Unnikrishnan

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Broadway Theater Vaccination and Mask Requirements Set Big Tourism Example

Richard Ricciardi  / Flickr

Broadway and New York City’s theater district (seen here in happier days) is looking to draw tourists back to the Big Apple this fall when shows reopen with vaccination and mask requirements. Richard Ricciardi / Flickr

Skift Take: The return of Broadway shows is a much-anticipated catalyst for New York City tourism’s rejuvenation in the fall. Now with a vaccine and mask requirement in place to see plays on the Great White Way, the Big Apple may serve as a model — yet again.

— Tom Lowry

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Fourth of July to Mark a Further Rebound for U.S. Domestic Tourism

Mary F. Calvert  / Reuters

Daniel Flanagan and Zhadyra Darbayeva enjoy the weather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, U.S., July 3, 2021. Mary F. Calvert / Reuters

Skift Take: An estimated 43.6 million Americans were set to travel at least two hours’ for a trip this July Fourth weekend, or 5 percent more than a previous record set in 2019. Let’s hope travel’s back for good.

— Sean O’Neill

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Cancun Airport Private Transfer Options

Cancun Airport Private Transfer Options

Arrival at the Cancun Airport in Mexico is always an interesting experience. Usually, immigration and customs are a breeze, but once you leave that area and head towards the exit, this is when things get hectic. When it comes to Cancun airport transportation, many visitors find the process to be a real headache.

It begins with passing a dozen or so rental car and other transportation desks, where the staff will undoubtedly start calling out to you to try and get your attention. Then, a minute later, you enter the welcome hall, where dozens of semi-official looking people will start approaching you, also trying to convince you to use all kinds of transportation services to reach your hotel, Airbnb or wherever you might be staying.

It’s confusing, it can be intense and it’s not a very relaxing way to start any trip to Mexico.

On the other hand, you could always book private Cancun airport transportation in advance, using a reputable company that is known for prompt and professional service and excellent pricing. This is especially useful if you are traveling in a group of 2 or more people as the cost will work out much cheaper than shared transportation.

Private transportation from Cancun airport is also the easiest and quickest way to get out of the airport and be on your way. You just want to make sure the company you choose for your private transfer gives you one clear price so that you are not surprised by any hidden charges.

If you choose this method, you simply walk through the throngs of people trying to pressure you to use their services, head straight for the exit, go outside and then you’ll find your private driver waiting for you. You’ll get right into your comfortable car or van and off you’ll go, without any hassle at all. This works whether you are going to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Akumal or even Tulum, or anywhere else in the Riviera Maya region.

In the end, if you book a transfer at the airport, you need to be really careful if you want to avoid being overcharged. And you also need to give yourself plenty of time as it can take a while to choose a company, pay at the desk and find your vehicle, all while hoping that you didn’t get ripped off.

Obviously, if you’ve just flown in from another country, the last thing you’ll want to do is hang out at the airport for extra time trying to figure out how to get to your accommodation. Doesn’t spending more time on a white sand beach sound so much better?

Have a wonderful, hassle-free trip to beautiful Mexico!

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Cancun Shuttle – Shared Airport Transportation

Cancun Shuttle - Shared Airport Transportation

Over the years, I’ve lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico several times. I love that city and I recommend it all the time for those looking for a great vacation and for those looking to live in a tropical, laid-back destination for a while.

It’s an easy place to reach, too. I arrive at the Cancun Airport, and if I’m traveling on my own, I hop into a Cancun Shuttle shared transportation for the 50 minute ride down to Playa del Carmen. They drop me off at my accommodation (Reef 28 Hotel or an Airbnb) and just like that, I’m ready to enjoy my time in this great town.

I know that getting from the airport to Playa del Carmen, or even to the Cancun hotel zone, is a major reason for concern for many travelers. The Cancun airport is well-known for being a hassle, with a confusing and intense set-up that makes it overwhelming to book transportation at the airport once you arrive.

It takes time, you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal (it’s very easy to pay too much if you book transfers at the airport) and you’re stuck amongst the crowds of people trying to get out of there.

That’s why I typically recommend organizing transportation in advance and if you’re a solo traveler, shared transportation is the best option. This way, you avoid all the hassle at the airport, your transportation service will be waiting for you by the exit when you arrive and for a very affordable price, you’ll be taken to your hotel or apartment.

The downside of course is that the van will have other travelers too and the driver will drop everyone off in the order that makes the most sense based on the route. But in my opinion, for prices as low as $12 per person to Cancun and $25 per person to Playa del Carmen (not bad for an almost 1 hour ride), it’s worth the extra ten minutes or so that it might take to drop others off before you.

It’s funny because when I was younger and traveling on the lowest budget possible, I would almost never book airport transportation in advance. I would arrive, figure out the local bus or train system and take whatever was the cheapest option, regardless of the hassle or time it took. The goal was simple – spending the least amount of money.

But now, those days are over and the goal has shifted. When I arrive in a destination, getting to my accommodation quickly and with complete ease is what’s important. And when that can happen without having to spend a fortune, such as the case with booking shared transportation from Cancun airport, it’s a bonus and I don’t hesitate to book it.

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Renewed LGBTQ Travel Is Focus of Travel Advisors But Not Destination Marketing

Landaa  / Zoom Vacations

From left: Joel Cabrera, Chief Travel Officer and co-founder of Zoom Vacations, walking with his boyfriend Matt on the beach in the Maldives. Landaa / Zoom Vacations

Skift Take: It’s obviously tremendous for the tourism industry that LGBTQ travelers have been enthusiastic about hitting the road this summer. Imagine how much more revenue destinations could earn if they did a better job of marketing to that community.

— Rashaad Jorden

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Fun Group Activities in New South Wales, Australia

NSW view


The southeastern Australian state of New South Wales is well known for its national parks, coastal cities, and rugged coastlines. Visitors travel hundreds of miles to explore the Blue Mountains, various surf beaches, and even dozens of wineries within The Hunter Valley region. 

As familiar as you might be with the offerings of NSW, discovering group activities can be a little harder. If you’re about to set off on an Australian adventure, here are some not-to-be-missed experiences for you and your loved ones. 


Wine Tours

Travelers exploring north of Sydney in NSW may end up in one of Australia’s most significant wine regions. Consider the Hunter Valley wine tours as a fun, educational group activity that teaches you about some of the finest wines in Australia. 

The Hunter Valley has made a name for itself with Shiraz and Semillon wine varieties, and many family-run and world-renowned wine brands call this region home. 


National Parks

While pleasing everyone on a group trip is not always easy you won’t find too many people saying no to an adventure through one of New South Wales’ many national parks. 

Explore the world’s oldest cave systems within the Blue Mountains National Park, and conquer your fears with a ride through the mountains on the Scenic World cable car. There is also an abundance of hiking and bushwalking activities, such as the Sea Acres walk in Sea Acres National Park and the White Sands Walk in Jervis Bay National Park. 


Culture, Arts, and Heritage

Even if you’ve explored the world and have already seen your fair share of culture, your travel group will likely be amazed at the offerings in New South Wales. An eclectic mix of European and Aboriginal history is on display in the many museums, art galleries, and festivals across the state. 

Check out Aboriginal rock art in the national parks, explore gold rush towns looking for precious gems, or even pay a visit to various filming locations. New South Wales has provided the backdrop for many famous movies, including Planet of the Apes and Mission Impossible. 

If your group is in the mood to experience more local produce after going on a wine tour, you may even be just in time for one of the state’s many famous beer and wine festivals, cultural festivals, and food festivals. 


Wildlife and Nature

What better way to spend your vacation than getting up close and personal with Australian wildlife and nature. New South Wales offers many different wildlife activities, such as whale watching, zoos, and sanctuaries. If you’ve never seen a koala or kangaroo, there are plenty of opportunities to get quite close to them and grab that first glimpse.

While you’re outside in nature, you could also be exploring some of the most famous waterfalls, such as Winifred Falls in the Royal National Park, and Belmore Falls in Kangaroo Valley. Travelers heading along the NSW Coast may even decide to take a break in one of over 100 ocean pools from Yamba to Bermagui. 


Winter Activities

Groups planning trips away from home often find that some of the most competitive rates are in winter. While the weather may not be easy to predict, you can at least be ready for winter activities. NSW is home to many standout ski resorts – even some of the largest in the southern hemisphere. Get your skis ready for over 60 miles of cross country trails at Perisher, or visit the highest ski field in Australia, Charlotte Pass. 

Life is all about making memories, and there’s no better way to do that than with your closest friends and family. While you’re planning your next group adventure in Australia, consider making the journey to New South Wales where wine tours, ski trips, cultural experiences, and more await your attention. 

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